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October Persimmons 13/1000

October Persimmons 13/1000


“October Persimmons”. Was released in the Fall of 2019. Persimmons teach patience as they make you wait until after the first frost. “October Persimmons” was treated as a nostalgic print due to it was reproduced in Offset Lithograph, an older printing process that was soon to be replaced totally with the Giclée which is much more vibrant.

“I am reminded every time I look at this painting of how hard my mother always worked to prepare persimmon pudding – my favorite desert during the fall.” – Bob Timberlake



Released Date: 2019

Method of Reproduction: Offset Lithography

Remarque Edition: # 13/1000 > REMARQUE

Dimensions: 10” 1/4 x 13” 1/2

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