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Wine and Spirits


The Bob Timberlake Boykin Collection

Boykin Single Barrel Rye Whiskey
The Story
In partnership with renowned American artist, Bob Timberlake, this special Rye blend was inspired by Bob’s experiences hunting upland game in Scotland where each day was celebrated with a “dram” of Single Malt Scotch, the native spirit. Bob wanted to create his vision for American upland game hunting by combining his sporting dog of choice, Boykin Spaniel, which is a native American Breed, with our native Spirit, Rye Whiskey. North Carolina is known for upland game hunting, particularly quail, and Broad Branch has incorporated the passion and rich sporting heritage in crafting this versatile expression of America’s quintessential spirit. Celebrate every day in the field with a new breed of rye.

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(Currently only sold in North Carolina)

Boykin Merlot
The Story

Our collaboration with Bob Timberlake brings together two families with generations of expertise and deep roots in North Carolina.
The signature release, Boykin Red,is a playful blend of bold flavors, just like its namesake. This wine is a mix of red varietals, with notes of cherry and plum that are sure to delight your senses. Whether you’re taking a walk with your furry friend or relaxing after a long day, Boykin Red is the perfect companion for any occasion. Raise a glass and discover the true essence of American craftsmanship with Boykin Red wine.

A portion of proceeds from each sale will benefit the Boykin Spaniel Society.

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