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Price Sheet

Updated February 2024

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The Bob Timberlake Gallery price sheet is a comprehensive compiled list of all releases dating all the way back to the 1971.

The price sheet "SOLD OUT" column does not represent what is actually on display at the Lexington, NC gallery as the artwork changes often.

When our inventory for a particular print is down to single digits, we mark it sold out to prevent the over selling of an item online.

If you are looking for a particular "SOLD OUT" print, please call us or visit the gallery.

We can't guarantee we will have it but you never know.

Please know we do not buy back prints but have a few dealers we can refer you to.

In addition, it is worthy to note that our print release's (market value) automatically increases by 10% when "totally" sold out. Just one more way we say Thank You for your support!

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