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Title: October

Released Date: 2022

Method of Reproduction: Giclée

Edition Size: 100 S/N

Artists Proofs: 10

Remarques: 5

Image Size Dimensions: 15" x 22" Unframed

Framing Dimensions: 23" 1/2 x 30" 5/8  COMBO ONE

Framing Dimensions: 25" x 32" 1/8  COMBO ONE

Market Price: $275


About Framing: Beginning the 3rd quarter of 2022, we now offer 2 framing selections on each release with each being the same price. We implemented the two "standard framing options" to help ease design choices within your homes decor.

Combo One: has a more traditional flare.

Combo Two: has a more rustic appeal.

Both are great choices and both are the same price each!


"October" depicts a scene of Bob's guest house cabin located on Highway 47, Lexington, NC.

Bob's guest house has been the subject of many paintings and continues to be a staple of Bob's studio.


"What is there not to say how fantastic October is.

From its beginning smells of smokiness, to the leaves showing their vibrant tones of gold, all are the beautiful signs of cool Fall weather around the corner. It’s hard to stay inside in October. The persimmons have frosted, the air is frosted, smells earthly and promises cooler days – no more Dog Days.” - Bob

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