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Mrs. Leonard's Backyard

Mrs. Leonard's Backyard


Title: Mrs. Leonard's Backyard

Released Date: 1977

Method of Reproduction: Lithograph

Edition Size: 300 S/N

Unframed Dimensions: 14" W x 10 1/8" H

Market Price: $550

Note: Book Set


The Story

In 1977 Bob Timberlake released two leather-bound book sets.

*The Standard Edition is numbered 126-2100

*The Deluxe Edition is numbered 1-125





Author of text accompanying photos CHARLES KURALT

Illustrated by BOB TIMBERLAKE

Publisher RIVERWOOD PRESS, 1977

Length 154 pages

The STANDARD EDITION comes with a (non-gold trimmed) leather-bound book signed by Bob, an LP done by his close friend Charles Kuralt, and an illustrated portfolio introducing the "New" release "DAISIES". Also included was ONE “random” print that is numbered 126-300.

*Near Boone

*The Studio

*Route 6, Mocksville

*Pumpkins from my Garden

*On the Ridge at Baldhead

*Wood Flowers


*Mrs. Leonard’s Backyard

*Under Mrs. Lopp’s Cherry Tree

*Geese at the Studio

There were 300 of each of the above 10 equaling a total of 3000 signed and numbered prints.

The DELUXE EDITION was in a larger box with edges trimmed in gold and contains one each of the ten prints listed.It is signed by both Bob and Charles Kuralt and is numbered 1-125, accompanied with a gold engraved plate stating the number of the edition.

A problem arose due to there were only 3000 S/N prints!1250 or 1 each of the 10 for the DELUXE EDITION.

That left a short fall of 225 prints since boxes 126-2100 would contain 1 print.*** This is where SAW WHET OWL IN CEDAR came into play as well as the print GLENCOE

The majority of most box sets floating around do not include the signed and numbered prints.Over the years, box set owners have removed the print and framed which has caused many to be left incomplete.It is a rare to find a complete set as the release was done 46 years ago.

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