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Mrs Edna Shoaf Dorsett

Mrs Edna Shoaf Dorsett


“Mrs. Edna Shoaf Dorsett” was released in 1974.

This print was released in an "Artists of America" portfolio featuring Bob, Rockwell, Wyeth and other artists. The prints were unique in that they were released in an unsigned & unnumbered edition. However, Bob did sign some with a second signature after they came out.
A little about Edna Shoaf Dorsett (1901-1988), an artist with a needle. It wasn't until Bob used her and one of her quilts in a painting that she become known of her work. Since the painting was exhibited, Mrs. Dorsett's quilts had been sold in the United States & England, along with requests for the pattern used in the painting.

Note: These prints are valuable so don't be fooled by the "missing edition number".



Released Date: 1974

Method of Reproduction: Offset Lithography

Edition Size: Signed Only

Dimensions: 24" W x 17" 3/4 H

Market Price: $700.00

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