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Late Snow at Riverwood

Late Snow at Riverwood


"Late Snow at Riverwood" was the first sell-out for a reproduction. It sold out in 6 weeks!
The painting won the top national award in 1976 for graphic art reproductions from the Printing Industry of America.
The scene is from Bob's original Riverwood studio. You may notice many areas in this painting which Bob used in other works.
Bob was working on this as a "study" for another painting in which he planned on naming "The Studio". Late afternoon on March 31, 1973 it started snowing, so Bob headed home. The following morning Bob returned and notice that a fresh snow had covered the scene so the initial study of "The Studio" was changed to "Late Snow at Riverwood".


Released Date: 1975

Edition Size: 1000

Unframed Dimensions: 28" 3/4 W x 12" 3/4 H

Market Price: $4950.00

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