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Gilley's House

Gilley's House


This was the home of Dan and Gilley Melton. Their home was located on the left just before you get to the Riverwood studio. The dog's name was Stan.

Stan had a mighty habit of chasing deer and howling all night long.

He was usually too tired during the day to do anything but sleep.

Dan Melton told Bob that Stan had one chase end abruptly in a dog fight, afterwards Stan never came back home. Mr. Melton also said, "Stan may have ran off to do food commercials as a result of his new-found fame as the centerpiece of a Timberlake painting.


Released Date: 1978

Edition Size: 1000

Unframed Dimensions: 20" 1/2 W x 27" 3/4 H

Market Price: $2,975.00

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