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Dan's Cherries

Dan's Cherries


"Dan's Cherries", is a lovely stroke of nostalgia.” - Bob Timberlake

The painting was named after Bob’s youngest son, Dan, who was named after his great-grandfather, Dan Musgrave, who happened to be the finest carpenter, contractor, hunter, and taxidermist in the Lexington, NC area.

“My son and I were climbing around in his cherry trees, furiously trying to pick the cherries before the birds could. They were winning the race, but Dan, undaunted, grabbed handfuls - mouthfuls - and yelled all the while at his chirping, fussing opponents. Hot, sticky work, but fun, and worth every drop of sweat required before we could claim a full basket of the beautiful cherries to take home for a cobbler." - Bob Timberlake



Released Date: 2018

Method of Reproduction: Giclée

Edition Size: 1000

Dimensions: 14” 3/4 x 21” 1/2

Market Price: $280.00

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