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Captain Charlie's Glass

Captain Charlie's Glass


Released Date: 2022

Method of Reproduction: Giclée

Edition Size: Time Limited Edition

Artists Proofs: NA

Remarques: NA

Dimensions: 11" x 15" 1/2 Unframed

Dimensions: 19" 1/4 x 23" 1/2 Framed

Market Price: $250


* A portion of proceeds will be donated to The Old Baldy Foundation to help preserve the Bald Head Island, NC lighthouse.


“I can’t think of Bald Head Island without the memories of stories of Captain Charlie and Blackbeard “glassing” over their domain.

Blackbeard and Captain Charlie were the island’s protectors and though in different times, loved it as I do.

I’m mesmerized with all the stories of Bald Head, from Aaron Burr’s daughter, Theodosia being chased on the beach by pirates in the moonlight, to the ship wrecks and legendary storms that have ravaged the island’s shores.

These are just a few memories I’ve gathered from visiting the island over the past 67 years!” -Bob

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